ICD 9 code for Osteoarthritis

ICD 9 code for Osteoarthritis

ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases. It is a commonly used method to track diseases and cause of death in the world. It was first developed in 1893, in France. Till now, ICD has been revised for 10 times. Each revised version has been updated with the latest changes in the medical field. ICD 9 means the 9th version of ICD. It was enacted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1977. In this version, procedure codes were added for the first time.

715.0 Osteoarthritis, generalized
715.1 Osteoarthritis, localized, primary
715.2 Osteoarthritis, localized, secondary
715.3 Osteoarthritis, localized, not specified whether primary or secondary
715.8 Osteoarthritis involving, or with mention of more than one site, but not specified as generalized
715.9 Osteoarthritis, unspecified whether generalized or localized

Osteoarthritis is a group of abnormalities caused by the loss of smooth cartilage lining of the joints. It is commonly diagnosed at joints of knees, hands, shoulders and the hip. In ICD classification, Osteoarthritis and allied disorders were given the category code 715. The sub categorization is based on the progression of disease, and this is represented with the fourth digit. There are total 6 subcategories, which specify whether disease is localized / generalized / unspecified and primary / secondary. These subcategories are shown in the following table.

This disease is further classified based site of the lesions, and this is represented with fifth-digit in the code. This sub -classification is shown in the below table.

0 Site unspecified
1 Shoulder region
2 Upper arm
3 Forearm
4 Hand
5 Pelvic region and thigh
6 Lower leg
7 Ankle and foot
8 Other specified sites
9 Multiple sites



Among 6 major categories of osteoarthritis, four categories (715.1, 715.2, 715.3 and 715.9) have nine sub-categories each (0 to 8), one category (715.0) has three subcategories (0, 4, and 9) and remaining one category (715.8) has only two subcategories (0 and 9).

Depending on nature of disease and site of the lesions, different forms of osteoarthritis are included in respective categories as follows: Primary generalized hypertrophic osteoarthrosis in 715.0, Localized osteoarthropathy (idiopathic) in 715.1, Coxae malum senilis in 715.2 and Otto’s pelvis in 715.3.

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